“Mór Irish Gin is a bold and innovative gin made out of Arderin Distillery, a craft gin distillery founded by Eoin Bara in 2015 and located in Tullamore, Co. Offaly. He is the product of a legacy stretching back to the 1930s when his grandfather was a master distiller of world renowned Irish whiskey.

“Eoin traversed the globe to refine and perfect the techniques he learned and now he had created a gin that is not only an expression of who he is but is an expression of the legacy his grandfather created all that time ago...”

“In 1798 the Grand Canal was built in Tullamore and in 1804 linked up with the Shannon to provide an artery of business and trade running from Dublin to the West. In the process it breathed life into every town and village along its mercurial banks.

“The history was highly influential in the development of the label design. The label wraps around the bottle in the same way the Grand Canal route bends and weaves its way through the heartland of Ireland.”