Pure. Wild. Refreshing.

Earthy root botanicals, subtle florals and vivid fruits come together to create a new breed of Dry Gin.

The sharp sweetness of Juniper and Orris root meet citrus bitters and honeys, all lightly graced by floral honeysuckle and Slieve Bloom mountain water.

Pure in taste and bold in simple flavours, Mór is the gin lover’s gin.

Our Botanicals

Earthly root botanicals, subtle florals and wild berries come together to create a new breed of Gin.


Sharp, bitter and with an earthy sweetness, Juniper is the backbone of gin. Its fresh aroma and tart bite impart a natural pine note into our gin, a note that defines and represents Mór with one sip. Juniper is more than merely a base ingredient to us; it’s a signature flavour in its own right.


Fragrant from the roots up, Angelica is intensely characterful. Peppery, fresh and musky sweet, she upholds her aged botanical status and helps the gin keep its unique flavour over time..


This simple kitchen herb can’t be under estimated. It packs a punch adding the citrus, nutty and spicy flavour needed to balance the flavour profile of a great gin.


A peppery herb with a woody finish adds a savoury freshness. Finding the perfect balance is the key to fine craftsmanship and the creation of a subtle sweetness and long finish to our big bold gin


Blcak berry




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